Autosportif Subaru Endurance Racer goes the distance
Posted on Jun 25, 2006

Not quite the result the team were hoping for, but Autosportif have demonstrated just what the Subaru Impreza is capable of.  All the drivers commented that the chassis is easily good enough to challenge the best cars at the legendary Nurburgring long circuit including Porsche 911, GT3's and the top BMW's

Commenting on the race, team boss Martyun Spurrell said
"we were very happy to get the car home in immaculate condition in this very challenging 24 hour endurance race. We had a number of development problems which impacted on our overall position, but clearly the car has the pace to compete with the best on the grid”

Phil Bennett, a veteran of the Nurburgring and with experience across a number of different marques commented " If we took this car to 450 horsepower, there is no doubt in my mind that we would be beating all the top Porsches. The car is an absolute joy to drive"

Alan Van Der Mewre, Honda Racing F1 test driver stated that the cars stability under braking made it a joy to drive in any conditions.

Subaru World Rally driver Chris Atkinson " I have had a fantastic weekend . I really enjoyed the race and it has been a great experience for me"

Jonathan Price " if we can get the power up , we can fight for a podium in this car, it is a joy to drive and I hope I get the opportunity to driver SUBARU again"

Overall position

Laps 105
Time 24.01.18